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Translation agency

TVcN/Presence translation services

On 1 July 2016, Presence Translate & Interact took over TVcN's translation arm, and our translation services are now provided under the name TVcN/Presence.

Presence Translate & Interact has 20 years of experience in language services, and doesn't just provide written translations for its customers; it also offers other related services such as translation project management, copywriting and transcreation. Presence Translate & Interact specialises in translation and business communication development, B2B and B2C documents (brochures, technical specifications, marketing texts) and legal translations. TVcN has 40 years of experience in language services, mainly in the healthcare sector and with government institutions. By combining these areas of expertise, TVcN and Presence perfectly complement one another.

Our translation services

  • Full service translation

    Your text is translated by one translator (a native speaker with relevant experience) and is then reviewed and proofread by a second translator to check its grammar, style, consistency and message. In brief, this means two translators will work on your document. We recommend this service for external communications, B2C communications, marketing texts, newsletters etc.
  • Translation only

    Your text is translated and reviewed by one translator (a native speaker with relevant experience). This means no second person is involved in the project. This solution can be used for 'literal' translations that the customer is happy to review themselves, such as internal communications.
  • Machine translation with post-editing by a translator

    Our translation software translates the text, using the customer's translation memory. Once done, a specialist translator (or post-editor) reviews the text, ensuring it reads clearly, correctly and coherently (not to be compared with translations produced by Google Translate!) This service is not suitable for all types of content, but it can be a quick and cost-effective solution for brief descriptive texts, lists and repetitive content.
  • Multilingual copywriting/transcreation

    A copywriter (i.e. not a translator) writes a text based on a brief (copywriting) or a source text (transcreation). This results in a text that is not a translation, but an original piece that fulfils its intended purpose and puts across the message in the target language. This service can be used for writing newsletters and blog posts, but also for product descriptions, e-commerce and web content. As part of this service, our copywriters take SEO and keywords into account.

Why work with TVcN/Presence?

  • A single project manager at all times
  • Competitive rates per word
  • No additional project costs for urgent assignments
  • Screened native speakers and proofreaders who specialise in their specific area
  • Up to 80% discount on repetitions in your document or any previous documents
  • Your own translation memory to ensure consistent translations
  • Free access to our Presence Translate Studio translation platform
  • We can process all file types
  • Website translation: automated workflow for translation in CMS systems.

Presence Translation Studio

To guarantee speed and quality, we use the innovative Presence Translation Studio translation application (formerly TVcN Joint Global Platform): a web-oriented working environment that allows our project managers to cooperate with translation professionals on translation assignments. With each translation assignment, your translation memories and lists expand further, meaning we can always deliver high-quality translations.

Certified translation agency

TVcN/Presence is NEN-certified. We operate in accordance with the NEN-EN 15038 translation service standard, which is the European quality standard for professional translation agencies.

Sworn translators

All sworn translators are registered in the Dutch Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (Rbtv) and act in compliance with the Code of Conduct for Interpreters and Translators. This means all translated documents meet the required standards for national and international recognition.

If you'd like more advice on the translation service that fits your project best, or if you'd like to request a quote or a free demo of our translation platform, feel free to contact our team at:

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