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TAS software: the easiest way to match your customers and interpreters

Interpreting agencies often manually match their customers to their pool of interpreters. With increasing demands and more complex requests, this can lead to a pile of paperwork and less time to grow your business.

To effectively address this challenge, we created TAS. TAS uses cutting edge technology to automate the complete matching process between customer and interpreter and offers the following features:

  • Intelligent planning of telephone, video & on-site interpreting services
  • Connecting customers within seconds through your customer service or through TAS web portal
  • Customer recognition by telephone number and customized telephone scripts
  • Web and app based portal where interpreters can accept assignments and manage their availability
  • Exact registration of the duration of your interpreting assignments
  • Ultra fast calculation of travelling distance and expenses for on-site interpreting assignments
  • Automated and periodically client invoicing and interpreting payment for all offered services
  • Advanced analytics tools for extensive business analyses

TAS offers a way to efficiently manage the matching process and save on administrative expenses, so you have more time to focus on growing your business!

Interested in TAS for your interpreting services? Please contact Chris Stokman at +31 (0)6 469 286 47 or, or click on the call me back button.