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Video interpreters

FaceTime, Skype and Google Hangouts have become an established part of our lives. Live video contact with others across great distances and in faraway countries is completely normal these days, so it's only logical that we provide live interpreters with sound and vision too!

Our video interpreting service combines the speed and ease of our telephone interpreting service with the benefits of a personal interpreter. Language barriers are removed, and the interpreter is able to see non-verbal communication. Drawing on his or her own cultural background, the interpreter can explain this non-verbal communication and translate it into cultural terms the conversation host will understand. As an example, just think of certain subjects that are taboo in some cultures. This helps conversation partners understand cultural differences and has a positive influence on the experience and comprehension of all parties involved.


You can book a video interpreter in advance in one of the 25 most commonly requested languages in combination with Dutch:

• Arabic Iraqi

• Dari

• Kermanji

• Polish

• Spanish

• Armenian

• English

• Kinyarwanda

• Portuguese

• Swahili

• Arabic Syrian / Lebanese

• Farsi

• Kirundi

• Russian

• Tigrinya

• Bahdini

• French

• Mandarin Chinese

• Somali

• Turkish

• Berber-North

• Italian

• Moroccan Arabic

• Sorani

• Twi

More languages will follow soon!

Please contact us for more information if you need a video interpreter in combination with English.

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