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TVcN Webtalk

TVcN Webtalk enables you to hold meetings all over the world, in your own language! Webtalk is an online platform that connects you to simultaneous interpreters who translate both ways, meaning each participant can simply speak and listen in their own language.

But that's not all. Any presentations shown are also translated into the required languages, and once the meeting has finished, you can share a recording of the meeting in each of the languages used.

The benefits

  • Ideal for brief presentations or meetings, updates or financial presentations and seminars
  • Room for up to 2500 participants
  • Unlimited number of languages
  • You only need a computer (with a microphone or headset) and an internet connection
  • We take care of all the technical and organisational requirements
  • Easy to use
  • You can connect anywhere in the world
  • Cost-effective: no travel expenses, hotel expenses etc.
  • Interaction in your own language
  • You can be certain that everyone will understand one other

Want to book a meeting or see a demo?

Simply call +31 (0)88 - 255 55 91 or e-mail We provide free demos to show you just how easy it is to use TVcN Webtalk and what the benefits are.


Prior to the meeting, make a list of how many languages are needed for how many participants.
Discuss any requirements in terms of content with us.

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