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Interpreter conference calls

Are you looking for an interpreter to help with telephone consultations, discussions or meetings with people who speak little or no English? You've come to the right address!

The benefits

  • You and your contact or customer do not have to be in the same place
  • Our services help prevent misunderstandings
  • Using an interpreter means matters can be concluded more quickly

Maximum of three participants

Interpreting is a complex skill that requires total concentration from the interpreter. To guarantee the quality of our interpreting services, we can allow no more than three participants per conference call: you, your conversation partner and the interpreter. You can use either a landline or mobile phone to hold your conference call, and you can make both national and international calls!

Requesting an interpreter conference call

Requesting an interpreter conference call is easy. For most languages, we can arrange a call almost immediately, and we'll connect you to an interpreter within seconds. For less common languages, we recommend that you book an interpreter conference call in advance.

To arrange an interpreter conference call, call +31 (0)88 - 255 52 22.

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